Win, Lose, Know Why to win Over and Over Again

Win, lose, know why; it’s always in my bones. Competitive Pen, the LPGA champion, living in continuous addiction recovery; yep . . . win, lose, know why to win over and over again! I read the news and the story of Supervisor London Breed’s appointment as the new San Francisco city’s acting mayor, the first San Francisco female black mayor.

Supervisor London Breed, raised in SF public housing, takes reins as acting mayor

Win: Supervisor London Breed is the first acting black mayor of San Francisco.

Lose: During the 2012 supervisorial race, London was triggered from the trauma of her childhood and let loose with every expletive which caused the loss of endorsement from U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

Know why: “She lost control of her temper,” said Breed’s longtime campaign manager, Maggie Muir. “As a campaign, we had to figure out how to deal with it”.

Win, Lose, Know Why to win over and over again!
Trauma, in whatever form, stays in our bones. I have my ‘trauma side’ and my ‘trust Pen’ side. I know I can be triggered by my past and act out of ‘trauma guttural space’ when caught off guard.

London and her team channeled her passion for fairness by enforcing parliamentary procedure at board meetings thereby curtailing anyone’s spark of explosive reactionary behavior.

Who’s on your recovery team to help you find the ‘trust you’ side of yourself?