Those pesky New Year Resolutions are just plain stupid!

A New Year’s Resolution .. You wanna quit smoking! Somewhere in all of us, we believe deep inside our web of hope that magic happens on New Year’s Day.


my shrine to quit smoking, 3 months before I quite .. I built a shrine!The reality of New Year’s Day is that it feels the same as any other day; you light up a cigarette again after a short self-talk that new year’s resolutions are stupid. You start with ‘I am stupid’ on your first day of the new year.

I quit smoking by starting my New Year’s resolution recovery addiction plan 3 months prior to January 1.

First: I had to be super clear of my motive to quit; super clear with ‘my Pen’ … she is my person who figured out how to come to America and be a winner on the LPGA tour and get sober.

My motive: ‘I am done with smoking robbing me of my energy’.

Plan: I built a shrine of all the things I needed to help me stay stopped as I went through the physical and emotional roller coaster of withdrawal from smoking.

My shrine:
1. Two new workout outfits and new pair of athletic shoes.
2. Planned hiking, running, and walking trails.
3. Hired an addiction coach and made a commitment to call her every time my emotional meter was hot.

Every week during those 3 months, I made my shrine in my hotel room as I traveled from golf tournament to tournament. I listened to my body as I stared and pondered my future without cigarettes.

The day finally came. It was a Sunday and I was in Seattle. By the time I got to the 16th hole of the tournament, I had smoked so many cigarettes I couldn’t smoke one more. My golfing mates where cheering me on and I was laughing and feeling like total shit. ‘Over cooking’ my lungs with cigarettes felt like a hot mess of ‘lung flu’. I was DONE!

It took me a year to have be free of smoking withdrawal symptoms. My phone had burned up with calls to my coach. I was super happy that I had kept the same clothing size during my withdrawal.

Results: Haven’t had a cigarette since that day 20+ years ago. I continue to work out. Hey, I still don’t want to lose energy.

This is my ‘Pen Magic’ truth vs the magic of a New Year’s resolution!

What is your magic?

When you want to plan your ‘day to quit’; gather your team, build a shrine and I want to be your recovery addiction coach when your emotional meter runs hot.

Happy planning your New Year’s Day!

Cheers, Pen. Your recovery addiction coach.     Contact Me