2018 … All our dreams come true in the new year?

A few days until the New Year! We get a fresh start to make all our dreams come true.

magic? Do all our dreams come true? Get support to take your first steps to your big ideas.
In the Cinderella part of my brain today, in 2018 I will magically have money grow on my magic tree then we can visit our families in Scotland and Aussie whenever we want.

When I was 13, the Cinderella part of my Aussie brain wanted to come to America to play golf on the LPGA tour. I did that! One practice ball after another.

I work with people whose Cinderella part of their brain says, “When I get clean, I am going to do … this and that and this and that”.  All big ideas. I quietly ask them, “What is the first step that would help you begin your journey and maybe I can support you working on that”.

For those living on the streets, in halfway houses and sober homes; the first step for many is “how do I show up on time for my medical appointments and not be high”.

For many, it’s not that they want to be high because they really do want to get clean. It is because they just don’t have a baby first step that they can manage and repeat; building their confidence and trust with themselves.

We talk about their lifestyle; what is possible. Slowly they discover a doable step to move them toward their goal of ‘being on time and close to clean for their appointment’.

It takes practice, adjustments and practice some more. It’s always in the doing that we change.

Only a few days left until the magic new year begins.

My ear is here for you to hear your baby first step moving into your continuous addiction recovery.