Winning in Addiction Recovery

What does you remaining in recovery have in common with Serena Williams winning the calendar Grand Slam? Nerves!!


  • When you become nervous, you physically lose flexibility.
  • You make quick decisions and take low percentage shots.


Tennis Coach Bollettieri’s Tips for tennis:Coach Bollettieri

green check mark Change the pace a little bit; relax.

green check mark Let your anger be released, and be ready to play the next point.

Mirroring Coach Bollettieri’s tennis performance to control your nerves in recovery!


  • When you become nervous, your mind loses flexibility
    • feeling the compulsion to take a drink –  spew some rage out of your mouth, piss off your family and friends.
  • You make quick decisions and take low percentage shots,
    • creating drama wherever you go

Addiction Recovery Coach Penny’s Tips for recovery:

Take a step back, take a deep breath, feel some space between you and your raw nerves.

Now step in and be cool in recovery again.                private coaching     what Penny does