Addicted Behavior from the Mayflower to Today’s Recovery

The white English immigrants on the Mayflower wanted freedom from religious persecution when coming to America. Those white English, now Americans, wanted helpers to grow more “stuff” so they could become happier and feel financially safe.  Those helpers became their slaves.

After a time, some of those new immigrant American farmers got addicted to power and money, forgetting their feelings and emotions from the pain of persecution and inequality they had endured in their homeland. They pursued their “stuff”.

addicts imprisoned
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Like any addicted person’s behavior, it’s all or nothing. In other words, there is only one course of action, ‘CONTROL’. But darn it, those slaves, were not always controllable, the new Americans discovered … ahhhh, just like being a slave to drugs, uncontrollable. To get to their “stuff”, the slaves needed to be controlled.

Well then, let’s get them to behave; beat them into submission.  That’s what the new Americans did.

But today, it’s prisons for those who are slaves to drugs with lies spread that ‘all addicts are nasty people’.

The next step in the addict’s mind is justification. Those English immigrants needed to justify their inhuman behavior to their heart.  Heck, why not use a random piece of scripture to embolden their self-righteousness as godly people while denying their fear of no “stuff” — “I MUST have money and power at any cost!”

Look at America’s priorities for addicts today:

  1. Big pharmaceutical money
  2. Prisons
  3. God, in the name of my interpretation of ‘God’


Look at the priorities of the global recovery addiction community today vs America today:

  1. Discipline: Daily addiction recovery, we choose freedom.
  2. Prisons: Decriminalizing addiction, active addicts are already in mental prison.
  3. Money: Red flag waving, collaborate with a trusted team because the underlying fear is only a skinny breath away from greed.
  4. God:  Your choice or not — believer, atheist, agnostic.

We are a disciplined core group of millions that daily choose recovery life over the mental slavery of addiction.


Who can support your journey out of addiction?

  • Perhaps you prefer your family members, parents and grandparents, brothers and sisters, friends, professors, teachers, doctors, nurses, politicians, ex-felons, pastors, priests, recovery groups.
  • Perhaps you prefer support and education from the community of addiction professionals and certified peer recovery coaches.
  • Perhaps you prefer family friends and addiction professionals to navigate the journey into addiction recovery.


Check out these FREE community services; online and in person meetings:


What’s being done beyond America:  “Iceland Knows how to Stop Teen Substance Abuse. The World Isn’t Listening” 


Professional help?  You choose!

  • Certified peer recovery coaches support and coach you to step into your new goals using the recovery tools that work best for you in your daily personal & business life.
  • Look online for a treatment center that fits your core values. Read all the reviews and be clear on all costs.
  • Addiction therapists / Counselors / Phycologists / Medical Doctors / Physiatrists


Some examples of Addictions: 

  • Power/Money addiction
  • Eating addiction
  • Sex addiction
  • Shopping addiction
  • Alcohol/drug addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Lying addiction
  • Denial addiction


Recovery addiction coach, Penny Pulz, first-generation immigrant from Australia; love LPGA golf and today making a difference helping people choose life on life’s terms in the USA and globally. Today 20+ years in continuous recovery; I steadfastly stick to a daily workout of continually unwinding the web of my own grandiosity.  I will never quit discovering how to help others and myself; to get out of my head when I hear myself thinking … ‘I must have now . . ’.