3 Simple Steps to Resolve a Resentment in 3 Minutes

I have a resentment and I am pissed off!

Do you ever get mad when someone doesn’t shut up, gets off topic and rambles in a meeting? Does your behavior come out sideways and you act like . . . a brat without a recovery filter.

Is this you?

Look around to find another like minded person; you both grimace, shaking your head as your eyes roll skyward.

Get super fidgety and disrupt those around you. Don’t blame it on being ADHD.

Make derogatory remarks about the speaker to another (you presume to be) kindred spirit next to you.

Take the speaker’s inventory and decide she/he is an idiot.

Subconsciously feel superior and self-righteous inside with a bloated puffy chest of hot energy spewing everywhere.

Perfect … this is good. You recognize that you are acting exactly the same as the person speaking.


Whenever you have a major negative reaction to something or someone, it is one of your ancient resentment triggers that need attention NOW.

 3 Simple Steps to Resolve a Resentment in 3 Minutes.

  1. Distract your focus. Grab your phone. Start reading your email or play a game for one minute. Doodle if you can’t pick up your phone. This gives your focus some space to shift from obsessing.
  2. Look up to observe how other people are listening to the speaker for one minute. OMG; some people are enjoying the speaker … What!?
  3. Now, look inside of you for one minute and discover the old ancient pain from the resentment triggered by the speaker. OMG! The speaker is my 3rd grade math teacher who screwed my logic for math. I feel dumb because I can’t do math.

Look up and give thanks to the speaker for giving you an opportunity to grow a little bit more in your recovery today.

You shifted your focus from self superiority to empathy for the speaker.

Take a “big atta girl, atta boy” pat on the back!  Fantastic. Congratulations!