What is Addiction in 4 Minutes? What do you relate to in your addiction recovery?

This is simply a stunning 4 minute video! Below are a few lines that really hit home to me in my own recovery journey.

What do you relate to in your recovery?

All addictions start with pain and end in pain. Eckhart Tolle

I drank to keep away the pain of not winning golf tournaments, not making the cuts, constant backseat quarterbacks telling me what I should do. All that noise of failure was screeching in my head … ‘GO AWAY’.

Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones, heroin addict, remarked ‘all the contortions we go through just not to be ourselves for a few hours’.

Partying and not giving a fuck about anything was the dress I wore to hide from me. Actually I was just numb for a little while; what you do in a blackout stays in a blackout. I just did not want to know ?

The attempt of the escape from pain creates more pain.

How did I get that black eye?

How do you remove the pain?

A sense of compassion from somebody; only when compassion is present will a person allow themselves to see the truth. You have to be with the pain, but you have to have the support to be with it.

I give thanks to a dear friend whose compassionate face filled with concern while standing two inches from my face telling me to go to a recovery meeting. I saw my truth in that face instantly. The next weekend I began my recovery journey.

Every day I carry this tradition of compassion in my recovery work.      private coaching