Do you have a plan for your reentry work mindset after holidays?

This Kangaroo got me hopping on my work mindset plan.

My brains are seriously sluggish after all that yummy holiday eating. It’s tough to switch hats from holiday to be of service to others, your boss, your clients when you have had days of ‘me’ time. I love my ‘me time’.

My plan? I am off for a run with my wee Tillie, the pug. It’s a sniff, run, check out everybody’s business and then “c’mon Mum, let’s run again”. My perfect way to re-enter the work day.

At least this is a short week until 3 more days off!

The running endorphins will pump happy into my brains, quickening the mental mindset shift of ‘me time’ to ‘other’s time’! New year, here I come.