Anxiety issues for many years after addiction recovery

Reddit, another online resource talking about addiction recovery. Do you use it? This happened with me today ….anxiety issues after getting clean and sober

Reddit user post:
I am still struggling with anxiety even though I am sober.

Reddit user PennyFocus reply:
Alcohol many times masks other issues. You are lucky that alcohol was one source of your anxiety. I too had anxiety issues for many years after I stopped drinking. Then I learned focus skills and today I am anxiety and panic attack free. Cheers, Penny

Reddit user reply:
What are focus skills?

Reddit user PennyFocus reply:
For me, anxiety was like electricity running through me. Agitated because my mind was darting from one painful area of my body to another. My central nervous system would react from a remnant of my past or projected future.

Example: Bam! Out of the blue, I would have an overreaction to something minor. Slowly, through learning to say simple phrases that I understood in my gut, I was able to defrag the bullshit from real danger.

It started with me saying out loud, ” I am ok in this moment” pausing to recognize that truth in my gut and then have a soft sigh … smile and carry on.

There is a shit load of science behind the above statement, but the important piece is it’s in the doing of the little things … practicing the little things … that make changes to your nervous system. That’s how I became a world champion golfer. Practice, practice, practice.

Let me know how it works and what variations you use to create your safe space. Cheers, Penny