Beyond Impossible Game Plan; Athlete .. Continous Addiction Recovery

It’s four days until Christmas; are you visiting family? Does it feel impossible?  Game Plan! Win! Continous Recovery!Texas High School Female Football Champion has a game plan fit for your holiday recovery game plan

K-Lani getting beyond impossible:
‘I didn’t want to think about it to much and get in my head and get freaked out, so I just acted out that every other girl had played on this field’ said K-Lani, a Texas high school football female state champion!

Addict getting beyond impossible: Imagine that you were sober for 5 years and your family welcomed you home and they didn’t have the tension and fear of who was walking in the house today.

K- Lani Calming my nerves.
Any nerves or jitters? “Actually no. I was surprised I didn’t have any. I was super ready. It’s amazing.”

As an LPGA champion myself, practicing is the only way you can cross from the jitters and nerves of change to being the change.

Addict practicing: First you have the picture in your mind; then you physically practice ringing the doorbell, having your buddy open the door looking at you with scaredy face and you talking, stumbling around with words until you remember when you were sober talking with your family. This is when you cross the jitters and nerves space, relaxing as you practice from your sober side. That doorbell will get a strong workout when you start over and over at the door.

Practice makes perfect – game plan

“It’s the best way to end my career and senior year at high school” said K-Lani.

It’s an addiction recovery way to restart with your family for the holiday visit.

Love to hear your addiction recovery game plan for the holidays! I have mine!


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