3 tips that will start you building your recovery brain channel!

An addict in turmoil wrote:

Help, my head is going around and around!I don’t feel sad, most the time I don’t feel anything at all but I have daily thoughts of deep loathing and anxiety. I was doing awesome building my life up and being healthy until I was using cocaine and alcohol weekly. It’s now gotten out of control and every time I drink even one drink, I crave cocaine.

I want to do things but find myself hiding in my house all day, unable to even go to work most the time. It’s ruining my life and I’m sick of it. I need help but I don’t know how to change.

Ouch. Been there done that … Have you?

The science behind behavioral change starts by creating a new channel in your brain; your recovery brain channel. You can’t change your addict voice channel, that’s impossible. It only knows ‘more is better’.

You can create a new channel, a ‘recovery voice channel’ that says, I am the power. I have found me again.

It takes guts, love and being pissed off to navigate the tricky path to continuous addiction recovery. But the trophy is so sweet. Welcome home to yourself. Full of life’s possibilities once again.

3 tips that will start you building your recovery brain channel

  1. Use your skill of repetitive practice. You know the power of practicing the same thing over and over every day. You are a master of addiction.

    You are fantastically skilled at being a repetitive practicing addict. Why not use your superb practice skill with your new recovery voice crushing the addict voice into submission?
    Look around you right now, you are a mess.

    You absolutely know this practice system works perfectly.

  2. You want a short simple mantra that hits your core for the first 10 days. Mine was literally, ‘I don’t want to die’.

    I was shit scared of dying to my core. You need a power horse equal to the ‘I want more’.

  3. If you didn’t have a sober side you would already be dead. Listen to your sober side. It’s been quietly speaking to you for a long time.

    Each day your mantra will move deeper into your core until it finds your truth power meter and bam… you really, really know you don’t want to die.

Are you going to get sober because you have a mantra of equal power? Maybe, maybe not.

The deal is, you have started the process of repeatedly practicing speaking to you again, creating your sober brain channel. It took 5 years of relapsing for me to finally have the recovery highway in my head to drive without crashing through the barriers.

Begin a 10 day journey.

It’s good to do this with a comeback recovery coach. It takes less time because you have less crashes.

Keep me posted on your 10-day journey. I will check in and answer any questions you have each day.